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    Personal Colo Customers For Sale in 365 Main

    I'm moving out of the colo business, to focus solely on our managed hosting business.

    We have about 16 personal colo customers at 365main.

    - 16 customers
    - 27U of space (4-5U is space paid for but not actually used)
    - 25 amps of power
    - $1350/month
    - less than 2.0mb/s of average monthly bandwidth
    - Managed through a $25/month license of Modernbill
    - Most customers have been with us for over a year, some for over 2
    - Very self-sufficient. All of the customers are systems administrators

    Selling price: negotiable. Looking for 6-9x monthly revenue.

    This would be an ideal situation for anybody who has a few spare cabinets at 365Main & would like to fill up a cabinet in an easy transaction and a weekend move.

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    im assuming the 1350 is the cost - what is the revenue

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    Which location are these clients at? According to their website, their are 4 locations:, a Digitally Justified Company
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    We are intersted. Please PM me details on the location and such of these servers. Also let me know what you are paying per month for colo there (we have colo at another company but looking to move so maybe we could consolidate everything there). Also include any other fees (like if you are paying for your clients cpanel licenses or anything else similiar to that. If possible please also include individual client revenue, how they pay (2co,, paypal, etc..), how long they have each been with you and if they are on any type of contract.

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    any chance we could move the customers?

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