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    A sense to become the Reseller only Windows hosting

    I wish to consult to Dear visitors Reseller Hosting Forum.
    Whether there is a sense to become the Reseller only Windows hosting plans and whether it is possible to earn really money, if to work in it seriously and for a long time?
    About itself:
    I live in Latvia, MCAD dot NET
    I have experience in programming, WEB designe (ASP.NET 1.1/2.0), network administration. I can answer almost on any question about hosting problem(support for Customer).
    I think to buy Windows Reseller plan from WinWebHosting company (what do You say about that company?)
    I have at them shared hosting and is satisfied their job.

    Thankful in advance for advice
    (I am for a long time a visitor WHT
    - basically I read almost all topics on WEB Hosting, Domains and Reseller hosting forum)

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    I would go with a host that offers both platforms... this way you do not lose on requests for linux. Hsphere offers such soltion... Check out I have used them in the past and referred many of my clients who are looking for reselers account.
    as far as profit, you can make some good profit, at least, you will make some money on hosting as you pay a flat subscription and any clients you add, you will have their fees as profit.
    Additionally it would help you out as you would become a one stop shop and that you would be familiar with your own host as opposed to dealing with different config issues with different hosts.
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    You'd better to use not only windows but linus/unix as well. As far as I know windows platform is used not so often as the others because it's not cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ITAhmed
    I would go with a host that offers both platforms... this way you do not lose on requests for linux.
    That's true. The opposition Linux vs Windows seems to be based on a few facts.
    One of these is the price, Linux is believed to be cheaper. But i heard there's been research sponsored by Microsoft lol that proved Windows used under certain conditions might be cheaper.
    At the moment the army of Linux fans seem to be bigger than those of Windows'. Brand tricks?
    gUrUs, I think your choice should be based on features you're planning to provide to your customers.

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    Thanks you for useful advice and wishes, but I think that, in connection with fast development .NET technologies more and more people wish to use It in practice. My researches have shown what to find a good hosting with use ASP.NET 2.0, Ajax server extension, SQL SERVER 2005 it has appeared not simply and, in my opinion, reselling of hosting services with use of the given technologies should be a success.
    Maybe I am not right but all goes to it. In this case support of customers with use of ONE technology will be better if You are profi in that. And more I consider, that the cheap prices for Linux the hosting is easier advertising gimmicks and a deceit of buyers - I have tested it on myself.

    Except for all opportunities Windows technologies this hosting allows to use all or nearly so all opportunities of Linux (unix) technology: PHP, Perl, Python, CGI-BIN, MySQL and many other things, but not on the contrary
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    If you want to get branding into play here, Microsoft is far ahead of linux in my opinion, especially to some of the people in companies who seem to have the purchasing power / final vote. But to the OP, the people he's trying to target are likely in the $1-$500 range, and are most likely going to be really looking for the best value. In that regard, I, think linux just happens to be a lot cheaper (free) and hence its wider distribution. As Microsft makes it easier -- and maybe even cheaper -- to get an SPLA, the distribution should go up and that segment of $0-$500 users will gain more exposure to it.

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    I would recommend that you sign up with a reseller provider company which will allow you to at least get a feel with Windows Server in web hosting environment , say 30 days money back guarantee. Essentially, it is not the same as having your own dedicated server to play with. There are many restrictions eg. you cannot install this or that ( components, resource restrictions) . You may also want to consider the setup cost, or cost per new customer if you go with HSphere . There are different control panels in reseller hosting which offers you different setup for your business. A good research will pay off.


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    I disagree with some of the responses, if Gurus wants to offer windows hosting thats fine, offering linux to may not be such a good idea for him, maybe he cant support linux queries aswell as windows, which would not look good on his business.

    Gurus, When looking for a windows provider i recommend finding one who can offer you both versions of as i see you do mention you have programed in v1 & v2.
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    CyberHostPro - thanks for support and recommendations. I wish to try reseller hosting plan on WinWebHosting. At them the hosting on one account allows to use ASP, ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, PHP, Perl, MS SQL 2005 and MySQL.
    They, though are not so known, but it is pleasant to me, that they work fairly and do not use advertising gimmicks: "free domain names", "unlimited" or "unmetered" space or traffic. If somebody can something tell about this company positive or negative - I shall be very glad.
    At present I use their shared hosting and I can not tell anything bad about them

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