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    Question Where to get branded, custom notepads?


    I work for the marketing department in our company and one of my responsibilities is managing relationships and print production. I have been dealing with multiple different online printers and have realized each has their own limitations and things they do best.

    I have been working for at least 2-3 weeks now as a side project on getting our company the standard high-quality, branded notepad you find handed out for free at most tradeshows.

    So after calling multiple online printers who print notepads, pushing them to send me a notepad sample(unbelievably 2 major printers just couldnt get their act together to send me a sample notepad) and exhausting a number of possibilities I've decided to try the "wisdom of the WHT crowd" to see if anyone else has a positive experience with ordering and receiving notepads from an online printer.

    That being said, heres examples of what I've come across so far:

    -Best quality of notepad (thin, flexible backing, smooth paper, sharp, uniform and quality yellow glue binding)
    -$4.50 PER NOTEPADD!!!!(dont think I could convince my boss to pay this) This is even at 1,000 quantity WITH a negotiated 25% discount!!

    -Lowest price
    -$1.60 per notepad
    -Have hammered them to send me a sample notepad and they just cant get their act together(this is a bad sign, I know)

    -Best customer service
    -Kinko's Quality notepad(thick, cheap cardboard backing, and messy glue binding)

    So of course I realize I need to strike a balance here. But I just refuse to accept the fact that those nice notepads companies are handing out at tradeshows are worth $5 each. I could be wrong, maybe the nicer ones really are this expensive, but this is why I have posted. Sorry for the lengthy post, hope someone who has experience with this actually makes it through the whole thing. And to that person, I THANK YOU GOOD SIR! Or madam.

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    An online printer directory or online printer discussion forum would be helpful too if anyone knows of any sites that specialize in this topic.
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    I've had printing done through VistaPrint (business cards, stickers, brochures), and their quality is great. The pricing was decent on my orders as well, doesn't look so good compared to the other notebook providers though

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    Thanks Pal,

    Yes we've printed with vistaprint before too. Everythinhgs great except their price on 5.47x4.21 notepads is rediculous. I cant convince my boss to spend $5 per notepad that we will most likely be giving away free at our events.
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    Not being an expert of the area, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

    But, if you can't afford quality from VistaPrint then why not just use the cheaper ones, it's not like the Notepads are essential to your business or anything.

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