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    Company for sale - 74 Clients (niche business) pagerank6

    I am looking into the possible sale of one of my companies if the offer is right. It has been around since 2004. The domain is a fairly simple one, it has a pagerank of 6 with sub pages of pr5 and sub sub pages of pr4. This site has its own niche, it is NOT A STANDARD HOSTING COMPANY with hosting packages. If you know the domain name please do not post or discuss it here. Please request the domain via email or pm.

    Below are price figures. About half of the clients that signup request additional services from us because of the products we sell.

    There is one client that is that is paying 100.00/month for a special package, he would be the 74th client. He has been paying on time (every month, or 2month intervals, he notifies which it will be) for the past 7-8months. He will continue payments with new owner.

    CLIENTS PAY VIA PAYPAL and 2CHECKOUT. I will transfer the 2checkout account. Clients being billed via the 2checkout account are invoiced monthly.


    Items Sum Expected Yearly Income
    46 $541.27 $6495.24

    Items Sum Expected Yearly Income
    1 $300.00 $1200.00

    Items Sum Expected Yearly Income
    5 $467.50 $935.00

    Annual (this includes domain names)
    Items Sum Expected Yearly Income
    66 $3051.70 $3051.70

    Totals from only hosting fee’s.

    118 $4360.47 $11681.94

    Development fee’s and site modifications charged to customers. (profit)


    TOTAL ANNUAL INCOME: 15,000.00/annual
    TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME: 6-700.00/month (not including extra services, and bi-annual and annual paying customers)

    1 VPS – 100.00/month at (they are great)
    1 reseller account – 28.99/month (they are great as well, slower response times lately though)
    1 reseller account for products – (59.99/quarterly)

    TOTAL COST: 130.00/month + 59.99/quarterly

    TOTAL ANNUAL PROFIT: 13,200.00

    Very important as well is all the domains that are registered through us. They are all registered in and will be pushed to new owner.

    REASON FOR SELLING: I am collecting funds for an online investment. I am also selling another network of sites, non related to this one. There is a note at the footer of this thread.

    I had some issues with my paypal account, about 30-40% of the clients are on paypal subscriptions. They already have been notified and are waiting for a new subscription or new invoices to be sent out. This is perfect for the new buyer to jump right in. Only about 6 clients subscriptions have not gone through yet making this a more seamless transition than a standard transfer.



    I am entertaining offers no less than 10/months revenue (12500). I feel that the domain name rank, client base, and age of the company gives it this value. I know there are going to be questions, PLEASE ONLY ASK QUESTIONS via EMAIL OR PM. Unless, of course, I missed something fairly important that should be posted here.

    LENGTH OF SALE: If there are offers in the above range being received, I am willing to sell in a week. The sooner the better in regards to the clients that are on paypal subscriptions.

    EMAIL: thatrichyperson [at ]

    Thankyou for taking the time in reading this!

    Side note: I have a collection of proxy sites that are bringing in about 200.00/month if interested feel free to contact me. This is on an entirely different server. I WILL CONSIDER selling it with this company. There are a total of 5 sites, bringing in over 215,000 uniques a month. Some of the domains are premium as well. A great tool for advertising (banners, popups, links)

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    The Clients are on CPANEL

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    Looking at your post history you appear to have sold many clients before, or offer them for sale. How many hosting companies do you own? Why sell your clients?

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    I was involved in one selling of clients, though, this was in 2004 or early 2005 I believe and not involved and non related to the current company. Also, the clients sold were in a different market.

    But I have not sold multiple clients, and dont make it a business of selling clients and / or business'. I own only this hosting company.

    Reason for selling is stated.

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    Can we see the clients CC #? to switch them over to gateway.

    Got a BIN?

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    The clients using 2checkout are processed monthly, so each clients new invoice for the month you can already move into authorize.nets processor. The Paypal clients are waiting for the new paypal subscription or processor, so those you can move right away. The BIN is set at $15,000.00 but I'm open to negotiation.

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    11/21/06 will be the last day of accepting offers. That is Tuesday of next week.

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    pending sale

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    I need those clients who give minimum revenue. This is because I want to expand my company. Please tell me your price...

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