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    Charging for bandwidth overages

    I'm curious as to how some of you attempt to collect payment from a client who happens to go over their monthly bandwidth limit; particularly when they are paying you by paypal or 2CO. The ideal situation is to have the client automatically billed. But what about the ones who are not setup with a credit card in the system, and you have to simply rely on them to pay your invoice each month?

    I'm interested to know whether it's typically difficult to receive payment from those that have gone over, and don't pay. What methods do you apply?

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    Well that is the bad thing about PayPal and 2CO that you do not have control over credit card information. All customers CC information SHOULD be in your possession to avoid situations like this. If a customers goes over the allotted resource and you have to charge them for it, you have the credit card information for you to do that. If for some reason the credit card is declined (repeatedly) after 30 days send the account to collections.

    I would suggest getting another merchant that actually gives you control over your customers information.
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    That's why we suspend them if they reach their limit and give them ample time and warnings to upgrade ahead of time.

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    I would allow them to go a bit over and ask contact the client three or four times. If they do not pay, suspend access and account if it is going so fast... do not bring it back up until full payment is received. now if the client has been with you for a while, then treat them with more faith that you will get your payment.
    If they go a bit over and you can allow it with out digging in your pocket just invoice them and wait a bit before they pay you, suggest a higher plan (before suspending) as if you suspend right away you might piss them off
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