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    * Good Non-US Gambling Affiliate host?

    Hey all,

    I stumbled onto this forum while researching a few hosts and saw some horror stories so figured why reinvent the wheel when I have all these experts here. I have about 5 gambling affiliate sites I am looking for a home for. The most important thing to me is uptime and speed, but I think the traffic is pretty modest compared to some on here. About 5000 unique visitors and 100K page views per month across the sites plus I am currently using a ezboard (eek!) forum I would like to pull into the new host via phpbb or invision or something that is getting about 2500 visits a day. I would ideally like to pay for one account where I can host all 5 (and up to 5 more would be nice). As I mentioned it needs to have some sort of preinstalled bb software, wordpress or some other blogging type thing built in, I would like unlimited subdomains and to be able to use a custom MX record. The site is currently straight HTML with no databases, but I am sure that will change in the future so some databases would be nice. I will be transferring the domain along with the hosting most likely unless there is a real reason I shouldn't.

    As I mentioned in the title, it also needs to be hosted in a non-US location due to possible complications with the anti-gambling bill recently passed. Somewhere that throws in whois privacy would be good too although they are public now so it isn't that big of a deal.

    Well, now that I typed all that out, maybe it is more specific than I thought, but I think most of those features are included in most hosts. The hosts I was considering that I am not sure about now after reading reviews here are and Somewhere like Dreamhost sounded great, but I also read gambling affiliate sites are against their T&C (plus they are hosted in the US).

    My budget is open, but with my traffic, I would think I could get a reliable host meeting my needs for a reasonable amount.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts,


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    How does the law affect an affiliate/forum site on gambling?

    Is this type of sites allowed on a US server?

    What if the webmaster is located outside USA?

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    You need a web host in Europe or places like Singapore where you do not such problems. Also you can look for hosts with servers in Canada.

    Bandwidth would be a bit expensive but with your number of visitors it should not cost too much.

    I tend to agree of not hosting gambling related websites on US servers. As far as I know they might be banned as well but I am not too sure.

    Surely the company you are affiliated with is non US based so it shouldnt be that hard to look for a host that can host it for you.

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    A casino/sports betting site is illegal under the US law.

    But what about info/affiliate/forum gambling sites?

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    I never had any problems with this, and I host a few. And as an info for you, even gambling companies still operate from the US. The best I know have their offices in Boston.
    The bill targeted receiving payments from players. If you are an affiliate things aren't so clear. I only heard a couple of stories in 1 or 2 states, but not a general thing all over the US.
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