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    Problem with domains


    I currently have an ubuntu server at my house, which is live, and can be reached by a public IP. I am now trying to get my domain to point to this IP, using (a dns service).

    On's control panel, i have set everything up, but when i log into my namecheap control panel, to update the nameservers to :, and, it comes up with the following errors;

    Failed to get registrar lock
    The problem is: The operation timed out

    This is a .com domain.

    Now i also have a at a different registrar: (company owned b

    After several attempts to use everydns's nameservers, and the whois search at not showing a change in ns's (yes i checked for fresh results) i decided to use there dns, and then configure the A and cname entries. However it doesn't seem like the nameservers have updated, and they are still reading my old ones (this is well over 56 hours after i changed it)

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    I think if you contact your domain registrars (namecheap) technical support and give the nameservers hostnames and IPs they can enter them into the template to submit to the registry: ( ( ( (

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks EncoderZ and to anyone who took the time to read the thread.
    Lets hope namecheaps customer support is quick to respond.

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