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    Paypal question?

    I recently bought something on eBay and found out that the product was illegitimate and not what the auction had stated. Luckily, the product was only several dollars and I filled a Dispute with Paypal. Anyway, my question is, if the seller has already deposited the money into his bank account is there any way that I can receive that amount back? I noticed that it does apply for Buyer Protection, so hopefully I will get the money back, but what are the legalites of not paying back money? If this were a larger sum of money, outside of Paypal's $1,000 Umbrella of protection, would I be able to take legal action?


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    If you are covered by the Buyers Protection you should be able to get your money back. The problem arrises when the person (like you said) withdraws the money from his/her account. Although (not 100% sure) I was under the assumption Paypal/eBay would take responsibility in refunding the money if you were covered by the Buyers Protection.

    I sure hope that is correct, as I have assummed that for the last years.. while selling a few Mac Minis, PC computers, PS2 games etc. I didn't have a chargeback or anything.. but felt comfortable with the Buyers Protection. I never sell to unverified users. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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