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    9 for sale - and professionell counterservice-script


    i want sell the domain

    The perfect domain to start a professionell counterservice. I only want $50 for it. First come, first served. Paying only via Moneybookers or PayPal. The Domain registered at namecheap. If you have a namecheap-account i can push the domain to your account instantly.


    Professionell Script to start a counterservice. I pay more then $350 for the script. But i can not use it because its need to add some entries into the httpd.conf, but my hoster not allow it.

    Therefore I would like to sell it for only $100. Paying only via Moneybookers or PayPal


    Permission to edit the httpd.conf
    Persmission to create Cronjobs
    PHP&MySQL - Wildcard Domains

    For Users:
    • Multiple Sites. Manage multiple Sites with one account
    • Different Counterstyles
    • Analyses: Daily Users, Monthly Users, Yearly Users, Referer, Resolution, OS, Country, Browser, Hostname, Language, colour-depth, cookies enabled yes/no, java-scritp enables yes/no, keywords for searchengines, plugin-detection: quicktime, adobe acrobat, ms mediaplayer, flash/shockwave, realplayer etc. pp
    • LinkTracker
    • ServerTracker. Send email when server is down
    For Admin:
    • Complete Usermanagement
    • Site-Management
    • Bannermangement for Advertising and much more
    Any offers only via mail, [email protected] or pm.

    If you want to see the script in action, you can send me a message too.
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    I might be interested. Can pm more info (such as URL / demo)?

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