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    Search Engines and CMS ?

    Does anyone know if there are any inherent problems using a cms such as Mambo and getting the site up the search engine rankings? Someone told me they could not optimize a Mambo based CMS because it was too old and complicated?

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    There are no problems that I can see from doing content optimization on a site that uses Joomla!/Mambo.

    You may just need to look into a URL rewrite if it's not standard within Mambo. If you type something like "mambo search engine friendly url" into Google, you will be presented with many options on how to make this happen.

    Then just use good internal linking to make sure that all the pages within your site are accessible to the search engine crawlers. A sitemap(s) is always a good bet when you have a larger-type site.

    The person that told you is probably just lazy. :-)

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    The best CMS I have come across for usability, ease of use and SEO is WebsiteBaker. It really is so simple to use and yet its still really functional!

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    Thanks for the replies. I was told that by someone who charged £1000 to optimize the site and then because it was not getting anywhere in the search engines he said it was because it was a mambo cms and that it would be better if they installed their own cms. Thing was in the search engines before they messed with it. Should have come here first for advice. Oh well..we live and learn.

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    AS long as you have url rewrite set up I dont see a problem. I use Etomite for a lot of sites and even with url rewrite off all my pages get indexed.

    If they say their cms can do better then they either cant fugure out mambo properly or the're trying to upsell you.


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    £1000, i would attempt to get some of your money back if they haven't completed the job properly mate.

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    I had a feeling there was nothing wrong with Mambo. I managed to get my head around it, don't know why they couldn't. Seems to be a lot of companies out there making all sorts of claims but when it comes down to it they probably know little more than I do. I guess we'll have to chalk it up to experience and move on.

    Thanks for all your comments though. Nice to know I was't having doubts for nothing.

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    i find that using a cms, i get a better search engine rank than plain html codes.

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    The accesibility for search engines to your site totally depends on the construction of the templates used. It has nothing to do with the actual CMS. And yes, in Mambo/Joomla there are a lot of skins/templates built with tables and space gifs.
    hi there!

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    I used the basic template than came with Mambo.

    My experience with other php based sites, mostly phpnuke is that they get indexed and position very well in the search engine rankings. I have one at 5 and another at 4 without doing any sort of optimization. Of course they could probably go higher with some more effort on my part but I haven't had any html based sites get that high without a heck of a lot of effort.

    I'll look at the url rewrite though as I didn't know about that. Is it an option within Mambo or something you have to do yourself ?

    Also is there an addon to make a site map or some not too complicated way to do it?

    Thanks again for all your help

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