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    httpd process high memory

    my httpd processes take 100M each!!!
    they used to take only 10M!

    how can I fix that?

    my server is stuck.

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    I think probably what you are asking for is the RLimitMEM directive in httpd.conf

    I am not really sure that you should be changing this as problems can occur if it is both too high or too low.

    I cannot figure out how that link ^ got there or why it links to where it does.

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    "MaxClients, this is the number of Apache child processes that will be allowed, if your apache constantly causes the server to start using swap then lower this number, I recommend for most servers to set this at 8 divided by amount of memory in MB.

    Apache Default 256
    Recommend 8/Ram in MB (e.g... 8/1024 = 128Max Clients for 1GB ram)"

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