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    After about 6 years, managing my own dedicated servers (both Windows and Linux), I found myself depending less on my Linux server as what I need can be handled on my Windows server quite nicely which I am more familiar with. I did however had a couple of sites which requires Linux specific solutions and thus went about hunting for a Linux Cpanel Reseller account to host those few sites.

    I've heard of from some other forums and the review seems to be positive and thought I gave them a try. The price and features were right and I did exchange a couple of online conversation with the good people working there.

    As I had a couple of sites, I've signed up with their reseller hosting plan. The sign up process was rather painless and I love the automated call-back system which called me to validate the order much like what Geotrust does with their SSL.

    Once everything was validated and my Paypal account charged, I've got the log in details. However at this stage, the automated details provided was for a standard single site hosting account. I've sent them a ticket and within under an hour, I've received a reply and everything were manually set up nicely.

    I've got my reseller WHM access and that went great. I've got my sites moved and set up and it was rather painless. I did requested for some assistance and soughted their expertise of the best options to pursue and I have not been disappointed with their responses.

    I found that it was a culture shock for me because I found that I have much less control when I had full access to the server and took me a while to get retune to that. With a great support team backing up the wonderful web host, I find that I can sleep easy knowing that someone is taking care of the server and I saved a nice bundle from doing this.

    I know it is pretty premature to provide a concrete review since it has only been about 20 days since I've signed up with them. But so far, everything looks good from where I am. If my experience is the same as it is now some 6 months later, I know I've made the right choice. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Thank you for the review!

    If my experience is the same as it is now some 6 months later, I know I've made the right choice.
    Let us know what the final result is.

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    Give us another review in a couple of months.

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    It's always nice to have a smooth setup and I am glad to hear you are happy with them so far. Like the others have said, let us know how they treat you as times goes on, but not only that how their service is in regards to speeds, quality, uptime etc! Good luck.
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    Yes will do. So far uptime has been quite impressive although there were brief moments of 1 minute downtime which was alerted to me by DNSMadeEasy but they could be some technical glitch in the pings, nothing really much to worry about.

    I have not been using shared hosting much during the last 6 years so it is probably going to be difficult to compare my former and current experiences since in the past, I was pretty much in the driver seat getting my hands dirty with my dedicated server. I have to say that I miss the extra controls I have.

    Speed wise, since I am from Singapore, the latency is around the 250ms range which is pretty much what I got from elsewhere in the US. The server is hosted in Texas in the Hurricane Electric premises so that is indeed a good thing.

    Apart from the first few days of culture shock, I have not found a need to contact support which I think is a good thing. What I can do myself, I will do so.

    I will definitely give an update in the future. I thought I table my initial experience first before I forget. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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