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    Web 2.0 Photo sharing community

    Hello everybody,

    Our site has been going through alot off changes and I would like some feedback on our it
    Every little comment is welcome usability, design the concept itself, ...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Really nice site. Looks like you are getting a lot of traffic, and have a PR of 5! Definitely a going concern. I'm jealous.

    I think you need a more unique logo that offers brand recognition.

    Also, I found a spelling error on the Learn More page -

    Friendly and promt support:

    Just make that prompt

    I especially like the Beta than Eva thing. One of my favorite bands is Better than Ezra, is that a reference to them? Or what is it?

    Nice job on the site so far. Looks like a ton of coding, promotion, SEO, etc. went into it. I'd be proud of it.

    I'm curious though, is this a profitable concept or is it too soon to tell? I think anything that drives a lot of traffic your way can eventually be made profitable - space and BW are cheap enough.

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    Nice Looking Website...

    Thumbs Up From My Side..
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