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    * DedicatedPlace (my review)...

    Hi all.

    I had been pestering people on WHT for well over two months as I needed to upgrade my server and decided the best thing was just to buy a new server with all my requirements from scratch. I was with Beachcomber and even though I have been very happy with the services for well over 3 years, I have made the step of moving to DedicatedPlace after some really good reviews. I just hope I have made the right move.

    Although this is a very early review, I shall be updating every now and then as per my further experiences with them for customers who may wish to use them in the future.

    So here goes...

    Pre-Sale Email
    I sent a pre-sale email and didn't receive a response for just over 6 hours so I decided to try and contact Charles on WHT via PM and got an immediate response and also received an email from Irene in sales virtually the same time. Everything I had asked came back positive and I decided to order a server.

    I filled out the order form from DedicatedPlace's site and it was very easy to do but for the telephone and postcode. The telephone had to have 44 inserted before my number and the postcode would only allow numbers but not characters. Hence I filled the postcode in as 1234 and the form went through. I received a message saying that I would receive an email shortly in which I would need to confirm my order. The email was received shortly thereafter and I had the opportunity to change my postcode and confirmed the order.

    I shortly thereafter received another email in which the order was confirmed via DedicatedPlace and they included a Paypal link in which I had to make payment. I duly checked the details and made payment accordingly. I received an acknowledgement slip stating payment was made through Paypal successfully and I would be receiving a email with my login details as soon as the server was ready to go.

    Server Received
    I received my server on Sunday morning with all login details. I duly tried everything out and indeed, the server works fine and is the one I ordered. All usernames/passwords work fine and the server is running as ordered with cpanel/whm. The server arrived well in the 72 hours quoted which was very pleasing.

    Support Ticket
    Initially, when sending my pre-sale email, I had asked just to confirm that my accounts could be moved over by DedicatedPlace. Irene confirmed they would be via a request through the Support Team. I duly sent an email yesterday evening and received a notification that my ticket had been sent and I would receive a response from one of the support staff shortly. Within 30 minutes or so I received a response asking for my old servers details so the transfer of sites could be scheduled. I duly sent over the details and around 10 minutes later I received another email from the same person stating that they would begin the process shortly and I will receive an email when the transfer of sites are complete. I can then change my nameservers over and the sites should experience no downtime.

    Thus far, I have to say I am very pleased with DedicatedPlace. Although I had to wait for a response from the sales team for excess of 6 hours, everything else has been top notch and all responses are very friendly and prompt.

    I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the transfer of my sites will be successful as they are quite large and include three very big forums.

    I'll post a response as soon as the transfer of sites goes through and will report on how the server is running. I will also be asking for the installation of ZendOptimizer, GD, Imagick and the server to be optimized to run quickly and will also report on the installation of these pieces of software in my next response.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    Okay. Another update of DedicatedPlace as per the moving of my sites.

    Site Transfers
    Initially, I sent a ticket out on Monday morning to ask DedicatedPlace to continue with the transfer of my sites from my older server to the new server. I also stated that there was no real urgency as I would like this job done properly first time to save problems in the future.

    All in all, there were a few accounts to be moved over including three huge forums with a hell of a lot of material on them (around 80gigs or so).

    After sending my initial ticket, I received a human response stating that the work had been scheduled and would be conducted by the next available staff member. This ticket was received almost immediately after my request was made.

    Throughout Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I received progression emails from the support staff stating that they had moved the smaller accounts and would be attempting to move the larger accounts. I was very impressed and I received an email late Wednesday evening saying that all accounts had been moved across and to check to make sure everything worked okay. A few minutes later I received another email from Charles stating that this hadn't been done correctly as they had to move the forums over manually and to hold fire on checking them.

    Around 20 minutes later I received another email stating the transfers had been completed. I checked the sites and they all worked as they should but the phpbb forum site which showed a critical error.

    I sent an email stating the problem and received a response stating they would look into it. A response duly returned stating the problem had been resolved and that Imagick/GD had been installed and the forums were all working fine. I duly checked and indeed they were working as they should.

    I have to say even though the move of the sites took three days, the work put in and updates throughout was exemplary. They always sent me progression emails and the moves are successful with minimal problems which is a great achievement considering the complexity involved (being large files and folders).

    Although I am received a full dedicated service from DedicatedPlace, I contacted Tris at SeeksAdmin yesterday as I have heard good things about their optimization services.

    I duly signed up for one month so they can optimize my forums and make sure they are running at their best. An initial email was sent to Tris with a response within 2 minutes which was unbelievable.

    I shall submit tickets to them tonight and let you know how they are getting on with the optimization.

    Thus far, I am very happy with DedicatedPlace - very professional and very quick support although their English isn't the best.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    I'm glad someone is happy about his host. Are the sites in your signature the ones you host with them?

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    Looking forward to your tickets Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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    glad to see a good review.

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    Another quick review and then I'll leave you all alone for a while.

    Seeks Admin
    I sent out a few tickets last night for SeeksAdmin to optimize my server and to fix a problem I was experiencing with my images/thumbnails on my vBulletin forum. The server was optimized (load and swap dropped) and the vBulletin problems were also solved within a couple of minutes with Tris sending me a report when the work was done.

    I have to say this is the quickest service I have ever received over the internet for anything. Within minutes of my tickets being sent, I get a response within 2 minutes and work is normally completed within 5 minutes which is unbelievable.

    If anyone has any doubts about SeeksAdmin, please do not hesitate to go with them. They are extremely fast, friendly, informative and generally nice people to work with.

    I do understand that they do not offer proactive management though. This is where an admin does work as and when needed. If you want kernal/cpanel updates, you have to request them rather than what a managed dedicated server provider would do in that they simply carry out the tasks themselves.

    I have to say I was dreading moving, but DedicatedPlace and SeeksAdmin are top-notch at the moment and I shall do another review within 3 months.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    Hi Dav,

    Just as a little comment I guess, we do provide ProActive administation in the form of our Active Security Plan which is encorporated in our fully managed plan. I just thought I would mention that incase you over looked it when signing up

    But thanks for the great review and it was nice working with you Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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    Good reviews are hard to find,
    everyone wants to complain
    no one wants to say thank you
    so thank you for posting a good review.

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    I've been trying to contact dedicatedplace for a quote for about a week now and still nothing has come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenarchy
    I've been trying to contact dedicatedplace for a quote for about a week now and still nothing has come back.
    Maybe they did reply but it went to your spam box?

    This happened a lot.

    Specially 4 You
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