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    What are other high priced web hosting companies...?

    I am looking around and it seems I can not find many other high end web hosting companies. When I am talking about high end web hosting as in 100 mb disk space, 2000 mb bandwidth for $14.95 and up type deal. Not offer unlimited everything for $3.95 a month. Anyone know of any other web hosts like that?
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    You might check out

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    Btw What does tern high end web hosting companies mean?

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    it maybe a little difficult finding any host charging $14.90 for 100mb/2gb package however you may try host like where they charge around $5 a month for 500mb/15gb pkg.

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    Alot of the more "local" webhost charge those rates. There's still one here in Phoenix that charges $8.95/month for 50mb of space. - Web Hosting YOUR Way!
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