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    Arrow hosting help

    Hello I 'm looking for one hosting with next options:


    access to
    - fopen
    - cronjob
    - mod_rewrite
    - GD

    disk space: at least 1Gb
    data transfer : at least 100Gb

    And if is possible to have multiple domains name and DB on the same hosting.

    Until now I have trying Yahoo and Godaddy hosting.
    Yahoo don't have cronjob, mod_rewrite
    Godaddy don;t have cronjob, fopen

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    Do you want people to suggest you companies? I'm not sure but what about the section Hosting requests?

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    Yes, I need suggestions, but from users not from company.

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    The disc space is just 1 Gb, you can go for a VPS solution. Search forn VPS options in the VPS section.

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    You'll try shared hosting also.

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    He definitely will not need a VPS for that small amount of space/bandwidth needed.

    A shared account will be just fine for you, take a look at the offers section and I'm sure you will find plenty of hosts that will offer what you need.

    Waht is your budget anyway?
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    I don't need VPS, shared hosting .... I have only news(RSS) and pictures(GD) and forum in my website. I only need space.

    I have 5 Gb on yahoo for 12$ and from godaddy for 4$ / month

    Godaddy is slow and I don't have acces to fopen().
    Yahoo don't have mod_rewrite and is a little expensive for an nonprofit website.

    My budget for hosting is at most 10$/month.

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    I will say check the offers forum but I think you might want to raise your budget a little bit but i'm sure there will be someone at your price point
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    I'm not sure but what about the section Hosting requests?
    There is not Hosting Requests forum section. The Op did the correct thing asking for recommendendations, as hosting requests are not allowed on the forum.

    goblenro, IMO you should take the hands on approach: contact as many hosts as possible and explain them your needs. Aim to have a list of ~20 hosts that offer what you need and then do a search for each of their names to see what real custoemrs have said about them over the years.

    As a2b2 said, you will find surely hosts offering what you want, but $10 for 100Gb is a bit on the lower side. Sometimes it's easier to lower our requirements than to up our budgets. If you don't use 100GB, try a more conservative value.

    Good luck!

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    disk space: at least 1Gb
    data transfer : at least 100Gb

    per month

    for 1 Gb space 10$/month I think is aright

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    It's not the 1GB that is a problem, it's the 100GB Bandwidth for $10/Month.

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    Ok in other order....anyone can tel me if Gator has all my request or any other bad service?

    without disk space and data transfer.

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