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    Need Help Regarding Hosting a Site

    Hello! I have made new site I upload the site at my host.There are 2 .php files ads.php and footer.php.For including those files i need .HTACCESS. But when i add .HTACESS the site gives SERVER ERROR.

    Content of HTACCESSis :
    AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .html
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html

    Then i contacted my host about that problem.
    They said the server has phpsuexec enabled
    this server uses phpsuexec.And they said its a special security solution to prevent hacking etc.

    So i will be glad if some one can help me in including my .php files on phpsuexec enabled server.


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    What are you trying to do!!!?
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    i just need to know in server that has phpsuexec enabled.How can i include .PHP files

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    Do you have only those 2 lines in your .htaccess?
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    yes these lines to include .php files <? include('ads.php'); ?>

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    Were you trying to make .html files php enabled ? If not, you really do not need the .htaccess files itself.

    You could however modify the .htaccess file to support mod_rewrite for your sites instead of having to modify the apache directives.

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    yes i am trying to make .html files php enabled. AS there are ads.php and footer.php files.So i need HTACCESS but when i add HTACCESS then it gives error.

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    Ah okay. No clue about that. Usually it would have been to make PHP Rewrite as .HTML ?

    Is that possible to just either convert the site to .php based or either manually hardcode the ads and footer contents into the various html pages ? Since the ads are Adsense Ads and the Footer are static footer.

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