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Thread: apache2 problem

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    apache2 problem


    Let me introduce myself - I'm from Bulgaria/Europe and I'm learning about the web hosting. I'm a newbe.

    I posted a message here, but it dissappered somewhere, now posting again.

    I wanted to setup a web hosting with apache2 under debian and I did it. It's working, but I want something new - not name-based virtual hosting, not IP-based, but "directory"-based, like the free sites of There is one IP and many directories. I know how to setup - with one virtual host, but then I can't use mod_cband module to log/limit the traffic of the users of each directory. Can you help me to do this?


    Angel Dimitrov

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    You should have a look at, they have lots of interesting scripts regarding hosting. I'm sure you'll find something there which will help you get what you want.
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