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    Firepay - The money worth nothing

    I opened a firepay account 3 months ago, and deposited $25 for my gambling hobby. I made it $50 at some online casino. But since the US new law (9/30/2006). They now don't let me deposit on Gambling sites. I wanna withdraw my money but that cost me $20. :-s. I tried to search for non-gambling merchant that accept firepay. But sh..t, there are NO SHOP ACCEPT firepay. I emailed firepay for a list of online shops that have their (firepay) merchant. But they said that a list is not availble :-s. What a bad service.
    You guys should try to search for shop that accept firepay, and see if I right. Firepay is not a prefered payment.
    And firepay money worth nothing...

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    Why dont you just leave the money in the account and use it when there are more shops that accept it ?
    The probably isnt the perfect choice but perhaps better than paying $20 for withdrawing it (which is redicilious high).

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    Firepay was mainly solution for gambling sites, I do not think there are many nongambling merchant accepting Firepay
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    From what you describe, I think you are hosed and will have to accept the $20 fee. I would not leave my money in the account because I don't see them gaining much non-gambling ecommerce acceptance with a fee structure like that. To me, it's more likely they will be out of business before they get enough ecommerce sites where you can use your funds without being raped -- cut your loses.
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