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    XEN Kernel Upgrade.. help or suggest?


    I need to upgrade our kernel on one of our Xen containers. Its currently running:

    Linux www2

    The big reason is IPTables isn't installed in this current version, which i'd like it installed. I need someone who is really experienced with XEN that would accept a job which would be upgrading our kernel while installing IPTables.

    Also, if you could suggest someone to do this. I'm familiar with upgrading regular kernels, but im not to sure if there is anything special you need to do when upgrading a Xen container kernel. Any help is much appreciated! / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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    For me, it's quite easy to add options to a Xen kernel. If running Xen 2, go in the xen sources tree, then in the linux-2.6.12-xenU folder, and type:

    make menuconfig ARCH=xen

    Add all the options you need, then repeate it for the dom0, go back to the toplevel folder, and type "make install" and you are done.

    Anyway, I do not suggest you to run Xen 2 anymore. If you can upgrade, do it, the Xen 3.0.2-3 kernel just rocks !


    P.S: If you need, get in touch with me.
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