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    HostNine is a great host so far.

    I see a lot of posts asking what hosts are good. Recently, as many of you may already know, I bailed on TotalChoice Hosting and I switched to Hostnine, and they have renewed my faith is hosts again.

    Unlike a lot of hosts these days, they offer phone support -- and they don't leave you on hold for a long time. Actually, every call so far has been answered in less than a minute, and I'm greeted by name. I've had only a few small issues, and they were taken care of in a few minutes.

    They switched all the sites over for me, and it went nearly flawless -- and their prices are as good as I've seen anywhere. A friend of mine recommended them, and so far I've been very happy and would recommend them too.

    Preston Kincaid

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    Please provide domain name so it can be verified that your definitely hosted with them.

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    If I ask how long you have been there you would only be able to reply in hours. Come back when your review may have some credibility.
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    Called and they answered... live chat is live. still give us your domain with them to confirm
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    That's easy...,,, are a handful of domains I have over there. . .

    Also one company I am contracted consultant for: which is a reseller account with about 50 domains under it.

    Also, a small hosting business that I use mainly to put my web design clients on:

    Also, another reseller account I am a consultant for, with about 12 domains for this one client under it.

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    I'm not affiliated in any way with Hostnine, other than they are my new host. I am not paid by them, or rewarded in any way for posting something good about them. They just treated me great, have been great to work with, and really saved my butt with my TotalChoice Hosting debachle -- I thought it would be good to post. Good hosts are hard to find these days.

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    It's good to hear the initial experience is good. It would be very nice of you if you'd come back 6-12 months from now and give us an update. By then Hostnine will be past it's first birthday celebration, and we may start to formulate some conclusions about them and their business model.

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    Glad you are happy with HostNine, the points you have mentioned in your post are very valid and are excellent to have! Let us know how things go later on down the road!
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    Will do. Believe me, as a dedicated TCH advocate for 3.5 years, if they can bite the dust, anyone can. Service used to be #1 with them.

    But so far H9 has rocked with every aspect of service -- and they have been great. I'll definately keep everyone updated.

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    I have 4 reseller accounts, that represent over 120 domains.

    Thought I'd update everyone and let them know that I've been With Hostnine now for a few months now, and so far, they are the best host Ive ever been with. Service has been awesome, some minor issues always addressed and corrected in minutes. Tech support has been the best Ive ever used, and I still hold the opinion that Totalchoice hosting should take lessons from them. I also still have the opinion that Bill Kish, Head Guru at TCH is nothing even close to resembling a professional. I have been reading the posts and watching the same posts from others on how Bill Kish does immature and unprofessional acts after his service performs poorly and forces people to find a new host. A perfect example:

    I recommend staying as far away from TCH as possible.

    Preston Kincaid

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