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    Post [FOR SALE] Login/Registration Script (PHP/mySQL)

    I'm selling a secure script that anyone can put on their site. It is a secure user registration and user login script. Allow your users to register securely, save their information in a database, and allow them to login to your site.

    I'm charging $25 for the PHP script. That also comes with the SQL file so all of the usernames and passwords are saved in a database.

    $25 for script
    $10 for customization (different registration fields) (optional)
    $10 for installation (optional)

    PM me on WHT if you would like to see the script working on my server before your purchase. After purchase, I will send you a .zip file with all of the php/sql files. Installation and customization are optional.

    Method of Payment: PayPal
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    Oh, I should also mention that you can have different levels of users. Such as: Standard User, Elite User, Admin User, etc etc...
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    Can you send me a demo link.

    Cheers Lyn

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    Would also like to see a demo link. Is there a copyright on it that we have to leave on or anything that we can not change?
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    same as above please - Computer Support Forum

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    demo link please

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    As requested, here is the script in action:

    There are no "administration parts" to this script. However, you can log in as an AdminUser and gain access to an admin section. What you put in the admin section is up to you though. If you need me to write some admin tools (user editing, user deleting, statistics, etc), I do php work for $30 /hr and would be glad to help you add on. This script took me a few hours, but I figured I can make it worth my time by selling a bunch for almost nothing ($25). And, so far so good!

    Let me stress again that this is a basic login/registration script. It was made for you to easily insert into your existing website to bring more functionality to your site.

    Some Other Features of the Script
    -Ensures Username is not already taken during registration
    -Ensures Email address is not already taken during registration
    -Ensures passwords match during registration
    -Logout Page
    -Standard, Elite, and Admin Levels (you put the content on the different levels!)

    Take a look at the demo link I posted, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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    selling like hot-cakes!! thanks to everyone who has purchased so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajchuck
    Would also like to see a demo link. Is there a copyright on it that we have to leave on or anything that we can not change?
    no sir, there are no copyright links on it. You are free to change everything.
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    Its sort of cool that you can even have spaces within the username.
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    wow so you are basically selling some 10 codes of php for 25$. Ur agenious desktop wallpaper art community

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