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    Got a few quick questions

    Thus i understand that paypal does not take Gaming payments as its against 's TOS . I just came across a couple of english gaming sites accepting paypal for deposits . Anyone know whether they paypal banning gaming site payments is just a US based thing or does it apply to all other countries.

    Also came across Echecks . Anyone explain what an Echeck is and any companies provide echeck services for Gaming sites ?


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    PayPal won't touch anything gaming. They'll be shut down in a fortnight

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    paypal is not accepting gambling sites in and outside US, they might operate because paypal is not knowing this, but i am sure it would not take long and they will be shut down
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    You may consider Neteller/Moneybookers/e-gold.
    Please read their TOS first.

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    The whole question of gaming sites is a little uncertain at the moment. New legislation in the USA forbids banks from accepting any transaction (for online gaming) from a USA based customer. You need to be very careful that you are complying with the regulation otherwise you might find payments being refunded even though the customer has not implemented any chargeback.

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