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    what are the few free webhosts that can use SMF, phpbb, or any other forum script?

    just wondering if anyone experienced knows of free web hosts that work with SMF, phpBB, vbulletin, or any other forum script?

    and yea, it wouldn't be one of those 100,000 member forums

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    Some - and I must stress some hosts may offer you some free hosting for a forum in exchange for a link back to their site... This does depend highly on you choosing a small host and having a lot of original content which search engine robots are likely to like as well as links to your site.

    Put another way... you could approach small hosts explaining clearly what you need and what kind of a forum you will have. Expect 98% of them to say no though.

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    but is there anyone on this forum that does use a free web host to host their forum?

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    if you forum is important to you, no reason to go with free hosting. Especially with how cheap hosting has become, a paid service usually has better relibility
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    There are several free forums hosts, perhaps try one of those. While you may not get the level of customization you're after, it's usually pretty easy to install and maintain.

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    Web hosting doesn't have to cost $20/mo. Are you able to afford $10 per year?

    If you can I would check out and
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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