As many of you know, hookah has become the latest fad among teens around the world. I have built a site and populated it with all sorts of products ranging from hookahs to coals to accessories.

Hookah Cave Design

All of these products are available to be drop shipped meaning that a penny never comes out of your product. You send the orders to third party companies and they handle all of the packing and shipping, then you take your share of the money off the top of the sale.

If you want to sell your own stock, then that is also an option thanks to the easy to use backend.

Hookah Cave Admin

This site is not yet live and as such, there are no user statistics for it. Everything is sitting online and ready to go, but there are two things that still need to be done. You need to have a merchant account or set one up and add your login details to the admin. You also need to get an SSL certificate and have that installed on the server.

You can either leave the site on my server and pay $15/mo for the hosting or I will zip the source code and send it to you and you can host the site elsewhere, whichever works best for you.

If you are interested in this site, please send me a private message with any questions or a bid. I look forward to hearing from you soon!