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    Build or buy your servers?

    Which would be better, to build your own or buy your servers like from Dell or other vender? I can build the boxes with no problem have A+ cert plus MS System builder also. If I build them the cost is much less than say Dell. Do any of you have any input on this?

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    Building your own may not always be the cheaper solutions, as dell orders in bulk, and can sell the parts cheaper, thus why their desktops and other machines are generally cheaper.

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    For a server, building your own is going to be cheaper in my experience. You may want to know what you're doing first before building servers however, it is not exactly like building a desktop (at least if you want performance).

    I think that generally anything more high-tech than the standard PC at the time is going to be cheaper if you build it yourself than if you buy it assembled.

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    ebay it! we have several servers here that you can now get for $50 on ebay sucks after only 2 year old servers!
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    I say, build your own!

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    If I build my own I have full control over what goes in the box. I know that the mobo is what I wanted, not a 20 buck unit from timbuck2 that may fail in 3 months.

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    I would say go with a vendor for one reason especially if it is mission critical. if a part goes bad, you can get it from DELL in four hours or next day, if it is custom built by you, you will have to look all over and may take you days.... server parts cannot be easily found at bestbuy or computer stores. think in two years from now, if the motherboard goes bad, you will not find a replacement right away
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