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    HostFM - The Internet's First Hosting Radio Station

    Hello WHT Community!
    My name is DJ Tim, from HostFM! HostFM is the internet's very first hosting radio station. We'll be having a launch show this January, and bi-weekly shows thereafter. Our listner count has been estimated at over 100 for our launch show.
    Now, If you havn't caught my drift yet; I'm offering you guys some real neat advertising oppertunities. It's called On-Air Spots; and it can really boost your PR. Actually, not to mention, it's extremly cheap, and a bit fun too eh?
    The On-Air Spots would be played throughout our one hour show; and heard by a variety of listners from a variety of countries. We do charge extra for ad-production, but if you are willing to use our production team, we'll throw in a free spot.
    I've included pricing information, a demo, and some more information below. I hope to see some emails coming in!
    -DJ Tim


    Official Host

    We are looking for a host to make our official host. Its a prestigious title; as that host will be getting free on air ad spots, ad spots on our site, free commercial production, reviews & testimonials galore, and so much much more. All we need in exchange is a little bit of cash to help us pay for SkypeIN, so our calls can be taken from across the globe. It's as little as 30 pounds a year ($50 a year), and the combined ad space, production, etc... equals out to about $10 for ad production and $5 per spot; if you get a spot on every weekly show (and 2 ads free lets say) for a month; our already at $40, so you'll break even within a month! Contact us today at \n [email protected] This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ! You won't regret it!

    If you are using an automatic billing system and you are willing to create a coupon/discount/promo code of 10% off or more; we will announce your promotional code on-air with your URL and slogan. Free PR baby! The promo code must be HostFM__ - in the line place a random 2 didget number to ensure that our listners actually listen for the code and not just the URL. There is no payment required for this one! Email me; [email protected]


    Qualifications for Advertising On-Air with HostFM
    1. Your Website Must Be Related To Hosting in some aspect
      1. Web Host
      2. Shoutcast / Teamspeak Host
      3. Game Server Hosting
      4. Web Templates
      5. Hosting Control Panel Software
      6. Billing / Support Software
      7. Advertising Rings
      8. Webmaster/WebHosting Forums/Chat Groups
      9. Etc...
    2. Your website must contain no:
      1. Scams
      2. Pornographic Material (Pornographic Hosting OK)
      3. Warez / File Sharing
    If you meet the above requirments, our on air advertising oppertunities are for you! Our rates are as follows:
    1. Commercial Production (Not required if you wish to go through someone else)
      1. $7.00 - 30 Second Commercial
      2. $10.00 - 60 Second Commercial
    2. Commercial Spots On-Air
      1. First Spot Free!
      2. $1.00 For All Other 30 Second Spots
      3. $3.00 For All Other 60 Second Spots
    We limit all of our shows to only 3 30 second spots and 1 60 second spot. For this reason, we may have a waiting list. You are better off with a 30 second spot as it comes to waiting list. Payments are taken only via paypal. If you are intrested in advertising on air with HostFM, feel free to contact us today! The possibilites are endless!




    Contact: Feel free to contact me via email; [email protected]



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    Offer is still up!

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