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    Angry phpBB Spammers (Even With Visual Confirmation)

    I recently started a phpBB forum. It looks like the spammers found me over this past week, because I am getting about 2 spammers registering a day. I have visual confirmation & email verification enabled, so it has to be real humans. It seems all they want to do is fill their profile with their junk links (for obvious reasons), but it is still %$^#% me off.

    What is the best way to combat this?

    I don't want to turn on the admin approval option, because I feel this deters legitimate sign ups. Is there a way I can ban an ip range? Will this have a harmful effect on legitimate users?

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    Even if you turn it on, the spam links will subito appear on the newly registered spammer's profile, notwithstanding his/her inability to post.

    Mine is a fourm on Indian logic, so I set a logical riddle to solve before anyone is allowed to register.

    I am sure, you will quickly solve it and see how to use it on your forum. :-)
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    The best thing to do is not use PHPBB as it is the most commonly hacked forum package available. I've been using SMF for a while and have never run into such a problem.

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