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    Is using proxy site safe?


    I saw a lot of proxy sites nowadays. Once using proxy site is slow, too many ads etc, but when there are more proxy sites today, too many ads and a lot of self repelling factors for users to keep using them. But now, users are more scattered, quality has improved, I like to know,

    Is it secure to use proxy site?

    Let say, I'm behind firewall in office etc, is it safe to log into my root account using a proxy site?

    Is it safe to open my online banking account, my paypal account with this site?

    Hope someone can give a lite here esp for people who have being there, done that...

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    Well it depends how much you trust the site owner. Personally I wouldn't do anything secure over a proxy unless I ran it from my own setup. Proxys are handy for checking things where you just read but i wouldn't send info over them
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    I would Not do any of the things you mentioned through a proxy unless it was your own and you made sure to keep it clean hourly/daily.

    It is possible for proxies to save all that information.

    You may want to look at a gotomypc type site if you rely on it that much.

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