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    need Windows hosting or reseller

    I need a Windows hosting or reseller account with:

    Absolutely must have:

    Windows hosting
    PHP GD library (installed on most hostings)
    Permissions to execute third-party applications (i.e. exe files)
    Permissions to execute Internet Explorer

    Where can I find it?

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    It's not going to be easy to find someone to allow third-party (.exe) programs to be executed on a shared windows server.

    You may need to consider a dedicated or VPS solution.

    Best of luck in your seach.
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    Thanks 25GigPak

    if you know someone can allow third-party (.exe) programs with dedicated or VPS solution is ok for me .

    if yes can you help me?

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    Any VPS or dedicated solution will support .exe files. But a shared host will not, unless they wish to have compromised/hacked systems - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
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    What are the exe files? If they are from a reputable vendor they may be allowed. Did you dev them? If not can you list the exe files?
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    In DOS and Windows System, an EXE File is an executable file with an .EXE extension. As far as I know you(almarwai) would be better to use not web hosting but file hosting. I'm not sure as for your request. Do search in Google for your requirements.

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    I would second the recommendation of VPS or a dedicated server like others as no shared hosting provider will allow you to host the exe files unless they are from a reputed vendor.

    If you do not have any budget problem, windows dedicated servers are available with all possible configurations... but if you wish to get this started on testing purpose and have budget problems too, then I would suggest you to go for a good VPS company. You can find many of them recommended over there on WHT.

    Also be sure to keep an eye on the vps offers displayed in the advt threads as many times a good deal strikes in those threads too

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    Thanks to all 4 support

    I tell you for what i need this host to use Website Thumbnail Generator

    about the scripts

    Website Thumb Generator can be used to create website thumbnails for your needs, or start your own website thumbnail generation service

    the scripts Requirements

    Windows hosting
    PHP GD library (installed on most hostings)
    Permissions to execute third-party applications (i.e. exe files)
    Permissions to execute Internet Explorer

    if any one can offer me windows dedicated servers this well be nice .

    but befor i make the order the have to show me the scripts working .

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