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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Bonanno
    I lived in San Diego and Santa Barbara most of my life before coming to LA. Everyone's life is ruled by traffice patterns and it is VERY expensive to live compare to Phoenix. Someone already mentioned the Governor's situation. It it worse than most of you know. This state has no idea how to control its spending. We are already among the highest taxed states and it is only going to get worse. There are NO as is ZERO Fortune 500 companies here. That ought to tell you something.
    (sorry to bring up an old thread but I just couldn't let this complete misinformation stand.)

    CA is ranked #20 in taxation (and by the way, Arizona is #21)

    No fortune 500 Companies in CA? What are you smoking? There are OVER 50 fortune 500 companies and over 100 fortune 1000! (ex: Chevron, HP, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, eBay, Northrop Grumman, Apple, etc etc etc)

    By the way, California alone has the 7th largest economy in the WORLD (compared to other COUNTRIES!).

    In LA there are several fortune 500 companies such as Northrop Grumman, Disney, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, and homebuilding company KB Home (along with dozens and dozens of other huge companies like the movie studios, etc). Inside the LA area there are many many others (ex: Beverly Hills, Burbank, Santa Monica & West Hollywood are technically their own cities even though they are really completely within LA city). Los Angeles is also the largest manufacturing center in the United States.

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    Just so you know...this thread is over 3 years old. I'm quite sure he's found a place to live and that any information mentioned above is slightly outdated anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocebo
    Just so you know...this thread is over 3 years old. I'm quite sure he's found a place to live and that any information mentioned above is slightly outdated anyway
    Yes, sorry for that as I noted at the top of my post in red. But I found this searching and I'm sure others will. The thread contains some REALLY BAD information posted by Joe Bonanno and others that was never corrected.

    with regards to the comments on crime:
    Most of the crime in LA is confined to a very few small areas. A few months ago a report came out that ranked Phoenix as one of the top 10 worst cities with regards to crime (for a city that size). LA was significantly better.
    Quote Originally Posted by WikiPedia
    Despite negative stereotypes, when compared to other large cities, Los Angeles fares relatively well, with a total crime index lower than that of San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston. Also, among the largest cities in the United States, only New York City has a lower overall crime rate per capita.

    and with that, I will let it rest.

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    WOW that is an old thread to bring up. I guess I can state my opinion anyway:

    I Visited LA. 40% of the visiting time was being stock in traffic, and I tried driving in non-peak hours. LA Does not have non-pack hours; there is always traffic at a stand still. The 'good' of it is that you will never miss a highway sign since you are going 5 MPH. The pollution/smog is not attractive either.

    AZ is way too hot, for me, so I do not know if I would live there.

    Why did you narrow your list to these two places? Is it job wise? Also consider cost of living (rent/house, gas, food, commuting, car insurance, etc).

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    Best of all worlds is living in a suburb of LA and being self-employed -- NO TRAFFIC and much less smog. On weekdays there are lots of non-rush hour traffic times where you can get where you want pretty quick UNLESS there is an accident. I will not get on the freeways during rush hour and the weekends are about half as bad but still pretty bad.

    Actually if weather is a major concern for someone, I would say that San Diego is the best major city in the US and has the absolute best weather all year round, but the home prices are even worse than L.A.

    AZ is way too hot and MN is too cold (just got back from there.... bone chilling cold).


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    If I had to choose a city in Arizona to live it would be Flagstaff.

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    Phoenix is a wonderful... I would rate it as one of the best cities in the US, that I have seen.

    By 2008 they would have a light rail... Traffic is not bad. People are very friendly and nice.

    The cost of living is not as high as CA, or NY.... yet you get all the benefits of a big city.

    Phoenix being younger, than most large cities in the US, has it's own culture. People respect you for what you are and not for what you grandfather was... So if you are a guy who wants to grow big and yet want to spend quality time with family... Phoenix is the place to live...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobcares
    The cost of living is not as high as CA, or NY.... yet you get all the benefits of a big city.
    I know two couples who bought homes out there in the last two years. There was a small exodus from CA to AZ because of the cheap home prices, but they have more than DOUBLED in the last couple years to the point that you are moving to the middle of a desert for not much of a discount anymore.

    In AZ you have to buy an industrial freezer if you want to put one in the garage (without AC) at 3X the price otherwise a normal freezer will break down trying to work so hard.

    Plus, you have to run your AC all the time even when you're not home if you don't want your computers/pvrs to fry -- so how does that keep the cost of living down? Phoenix is literally the hottest city in the country by far with a big crime problem (quite a bit worse then LA/NY). Perhaps as you said the people are more friendly than LA (though I would never live in a big city if I wanted a family atmosphere).

    Personally I prefer the mid-size town environment. Lived in San Luis Obispo for 5 years (CA central coast) and it was heaven. Green, 15 minutes from the beach, perfect weather all year (no heating or AC hardly ever needed), not too expensive, and the friendliest people I have seen anywhere. I was very surprised when a CNN/Time Warner article ranked it as the 6th best place to buy a home right now (don't all move there and ruin it now).

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    Move to flagstaff if you're worried about the heat... flagstaff is quite cool actually. It is cooler there than Florida where I live now and nice and dry... no humidity.

    That's where I want to move.... to flagstaff or close to flagstaff. It is awsome weather there... it even snows. It's not nearly as hot there as in phoenix. At night you won't even need AC you'll be freezing your rear off.

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    i used to live in LA and OC and a place called ahwatukee (a phoenix suburb) and i have to say that phoenix wins hands down.

    as far as other places in AZ, id have to say sedona is great and flagstaff LOOKS nice but in reality its infrastructure is not good at all.

    i live in MN currently and the cold doesnt bother me a bit. i moved here from las vegas. quite nice to be in a cold climate.

    i do have to say i have a real problem with some of the people here and their lifestyles! the cost of living is outrageous, but if you can get past that, youre good.
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    Hey guys, what city will spray money at me with a hose for walking down the street?! EL OH EL... Wait, did I do this right?

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    I was born in phoenix. Well Chandler. I went to highschool, gratuated then attended college (ASU) and graduated there.

    Then I moved to LA. OC area and then Ventura. In 2002 I moved to San Diego, and there's no place that I've ever been that competes with it. The house I bought is small, but it's right over mission bay. I have both A/C and heat but use both about 3 times a year. Other than that you leave your windows open and the natural ocean breeze keeps your home smelling fresh, and it's always cool except maybe an hour in the late afternoon.

    it's the best weather ever. no humidity either.

    If I didn't pick SD i'd still live in LA. I don't see how any city with no ocean could compare to one that does have one.
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