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    All domains down except one domain! Weird!?

    Dear all
    OLD host name is OneHosting (Main domain is, is add on domain)
    NEW host name is Two Hosting (Main domain is, has became add on domain)

    All of my files/setting has been moved from OLD host to NEW host.
    Everything seem going fine after that.
    All of my add on domains in NEW host are working.
    But after several hours, all of my domains (main and add on domains around 20 of them) in New host are DOWN, except
    I THINK (I cant really sure) this happened after I add into the New Host.
    I am wondering what was the problem.
    I have check the Name servers of all of the domains.
    They are pointing at NEW host.
    And I have try to trace route and it route to the NEW host.
    But it wrote unreachable.
    Again, all of my domains are down EXCEPT
    I am wondering where should i check for the problem?
    The username for both Cpanel are different.
    I have submit a ticket to the hosting company, but no reply after 4 hours (Submit once, then replied within 30 mins, then i replied and no more reply for 4 hours).
    contact their live help several times, and they cant figure out the problem.
    Just asked me to wait.
    I hope i can solve myself.
    And I am a n00b, hope the guide/solution can be more specific.
    Thanks webhostingtalk members....


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    Check dns?

    Your explanation confusing and a lot to read, if you can post 1 of the non-working domains it should only take a minute or two to see the problem.
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    It is possible that your resolvers are incorrect, or that you have a problem with your DNS.

    Make it your favorite bookmark.
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    Problem solved. There was an error in the httpd.conf for all the domains.

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    Thanks for the link.
    Its very useful!
    Appreciate your input!


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