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Thread: Server Cache

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    Server Cache

    I am having some problems with one server, everytime a change is made in a website that interacts with mysql that change never get reflected in the web browsers until a refresh is made to the page. any clue in what can this be?

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    1) End user caching
    2) ISP caching
    3) server caching - perhaps eacceletor, apc cache, or something else? Generally they work fine but maybe not
    4) Some other custom-coded part of the website that is forcing caching
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    First off all thanks for your help eth00.

    Its not end user caching because its appens to all the users.
    Not ISP caching because it because it happens from all ISP we tested, 4 at least...
    Its not website coding cause it happens in all websites and scripts...

    Eaccelerator... we are thinking about this but we have removed it and reinstalled it and the problem insists to stay with or without Eaccelerator...

    Any one have other ideas about what can be happening???

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