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    UK | Offer Your Clients "Webmaster" Support - At No Expense!

    0870 892 1716

    We have just introduced a new UK hosting support line beta-named “Webmaster Hotline”. This is a non-profit organisation that aims to support Webmasters on all of their online endeavours. We are tired of people toiling through the internet to find the answer to the simplest of questions!

    We can help you with just about any problem including finding the right host, HTML/PHP issues, Control Panel problems and just about anything else you can think of… We can even deal with your rogue host, free or paid!

    HOSTS: With our "hosts" plan, we can offer tailor-made support to your clients. For further us.

    Your calls are answered by experts in the hosting industry. We will do the best to answer your queries as best as possible. If we can’t answer them, we’ll do what we can to find somebody who can. With our unique “account” system, your calls will always be responded to by an operator who will tailor their response to your needs. We'll even call you!

    So, just CALL: 0870 892 1716

    US members can try calling (44)870 892 1716 but we cannot make any guarantee as to the connection or cost of the call.

    Lines are available 9am – 9pm, more hours available on weekends. Your call may not be answered at some times (as this is a free service), but you are advised to leave a voicemail specifying what you require. Calls are charged at standard National Rate, but some networks/providers may vary!

    If lines are closed, we recommend you leave a voicemail for the quickest reply!

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    Just out of curiousity, who's funding this? I mean if this going to last?

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    I believe they are getting the money from the phone line as for every minute someone is on an 0870 number they get a cut of the line revenue
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    All the services provided to us are provided for free. We are provided with a switchboard for free, as the company who does this recieves the "cut." (1-2p) All work done is voluntary (you may see ads placed advertising this oppurtunity on other forums.)

    Voluntary work is done on the basis that we are trying to help webmasters, although if we can do this through hosts, we see this as a benefit anyway. Many operators are seeking support jobs in the future, having just come off a more "hands-on" project (more technical).

    Please remember, just because somebody gets a "cut" of the call cost, it doesn't mean the charge is higher. Calls are usually charged at Standard National Rate in the UK, although rates vary internationally.
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