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    Your Own Online Lottery-Ticket Terminal - GLOBAL MARKET

    With a record jackpot of £42 million, the UK National Lotto is one of the richest, lump-sum, tax-free lotteries in the world. It’s played twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, with both draws televised on the BBC.

    Of course watching a lottery being won by other people is so, so much easier than winning a lottery yourself.

    But now our unique system is here, guaranteeing to move you several steps closer to that exclusive ‘Jackpot Winner’s Club’ in every single UK Lotto draw.

    Here’s how…

    "Who Would of Thought It Could Be This Easy To Build A Powerful Residual Income?"

    Well it is when you have a business that...

    Targets a mature, 'multi-billion' global market experiencing huge growth... Can be built entirely from home... Has no overheads to speak of... Serves genuine consumer demand... Can work for anyone, from anywhere in the world... Comes with help and support on hand... and provides an 'autopilot' residual income.

    And on top lets you play in multiple syndicates with massively better chances of scooping a jackpot — 702% in the UK National Lotto and 3,600% in EuroMillions — all effectively at no cost...

    But, best of all, you can 'test-drive' for 14 days at ZERO RISK.

    There’s one key question to ask first when appraising any business:

    What’s the market potential?

    Specifically in this case:

    How much demand is there for our system?

    Well, the whole Internet gambling market (of which lotteries are part) is on a winning streak, you could say. Analysts project that annual revenue of $7.4 billion USD in 2004 will soar to $18.3 billion USD by 2010.

    "You Can Build Your Business Offline Too"

    So you can safely say that every person aged 16 or over with whom you come into contact is a legitimate prospect. But that contact doesn’t have to be online.

    Most people still buy lottery tickets offline, so why not prospect for members offline, locally, as well?… You’re not confined to the Internet by any means; it’s your choice.

    Indeed most Affiliates get off the launch pad by approaching their ‘warm market’ first; by just talking to family, friends and contacts about the Syndicate System. Introducing the topic into conversation couldn’t be easier; simply ask: “How often do you play the lottery?” or “How would you like to play the lottery for free?”.

    Many Affiliates go on to develop sound businesses with a mixed online/offline approach.

    To support you in your offline prospecting we offer a suite of promotional tools. These include business cards, brochures and flyers which you can order from an Application Form in the "Tools" Area of your Members website. Also, newsletters, information sheets and presentations on DVD.

    There are so many other advantages to this marketplace:

    Genuine Consumer Demand

    We know from experience that a significant proportion of members get involved simply to play the games with greater chances of winning, not to introduce other members. So there’s genuine consumer demand, not simply demand trumped-up by business opportunity ‘propaganda’ as you sometimes find. This product would sell well worldwide even if it was not promoted purely through this Affiliate Program, as it is.

    No ‘Education’ Required

    Most prospects are familiar with lottery syndicates, a simple idea almost universally understood. So you don’t have to ‘educate’ them before they’ll buy.

    Free Publicity

    Your products are exposed indirectly — meaning the lottery games themselves — to tens of millions of people on TV and in other mass-media (at least in the European countries participating in the lotteries). Also on the Web. In effect you benefit from a rolling free advertising campaign.

    No Direct Competition

    There is not another company marketing any kind of proven and established UK Lotto or EuroMillions syndicate membership, let alone one with a ‘Multi-Win’ method. There’s no direct competition to worry about because your product is UNIQUE!

    Join online now as an Affiliate Member and, as we do with Player Members, we instantly allocate you a place in either a UK or Euro Syndicate, or both (your choice). Then immediately email confirmation of the Syndicate’s 5 lottery numbers with your Membership Card and start you playing in the next draw(s).

    But as an Affiliate Member, additionally, you receive a Welcome Pack in the post —wherever you are in the world — within a few days, including an actual Membership Card and sample promotional materials… And the instant you join we set you up in business — a turnkey business —with you your own personalised, multi-lingual website:

    With this you can…

    1. Prospect for new members using proven autoresponder emails, adverts and viral marketing.

    2. Present the products and opportunity to prospects by website, Flash movie and PowerPoint show.

    3. Track your website hits and referrals, and build an opt-in email list.

    4. Control your group genealogy.

    5. Manage your winnings and commission accounts.

    6. Enrol new members instantly by credit card e-commerce 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

    Plus much, much more.

    In fact, your website is a bit like a lottery-ticket terminal in a shop. Except that it’s doing lottery business… Online… With the world… For twenty-four seven. And even while you sleep!

    Could a business be simpler than that?

    For each person you personally introduce to membership to our lottery system — Player or Affiliate membership — you earn on their £5 Lottery Subscription a commission of 20% … Amounting to £1 per week.

    We pay you this every 4-week Playing Period for as long as they pay their Subscription. Although what we actually do is offset it against your own weekly £5 Subscription payment at source…

    Which means that with each successive person you introduce worth a £1-a-week deduction from your Subscription, once you’ve introduced just 5 members, you’re recouping its entire cost — effectively playing for FREE.

    To become an affiliate, it costs just £4.99 (one-off fee) and your weekly minimum payment of just £5, and you will be able to play the UK National Lottery and the EuroMillions and you'll also be able to promote the business and earn commision. There is also an infinty bonus too!

    Can you think of at least five lottery-playing family members, friends, colleagues or other contacts to approach, initially? - Most new Affiliates can.

    For more information, or to become an affiliate straight away, please feel free to write any comments, or simply get in touch via PM. Comments in this thread will be answered, but please be pateint.
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