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    Decent Managed VPS


    I'm looking for a lower priced ($30-$45) VPS that is semi managed. The only management i'm concerned about is with security (exploits of mail systems, etc., as that is the only thing that seems to affect me the most). I can do most of the other things. If a site on my vps has some random php mail script exploited because some hosted wrote his own script crappily or used a exploited php script I'd need them to actually find the problem script an do something about it. Not tell me my outbound bandwidth increased by 10000% and sit on their asses as they charge me overage fee's.

    I'm okay if the company charges me a small amount for such a task or has quota's on fixing such tasks (maybe two managed upper tier tickets per month).

    I misread my current host's agreement and now realize that they don't provide actual security services on their "Fully Managed VPS's." So i need a service that actually meets my needs.

    Anyone have any positive reviews of decent performing VPS companies that worked through any security issues you may have had. Also I'm willing to get out of using CPANEL. Are the other popular control panels like plesk or interworx any more secure.

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    I doubt you'll get what your looking for at your price range.

    Sure you'll get hosts that will offer this, but actually providing this is anoher thing.
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    It's true. I think that the best hosts that *really* offer that..charge quite a bit more. I think your best bet is make a list of exactly what you need in a several of them...adjust your budget..and find a right fit.

    Security is quite a bit of work.and normally falls outside of what many hosts call "managed". Best to ask before even signing up.

    Good luck!

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    Virpus can get you a 128 mb ram fully managed VPS for $20 US.

    Check them out, plans are all managed.

    Edit: DirectAdmin should become your new best friend.
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    Yeah, I second dynu. You can also go to which is a sister company of Virpus.

    Hmm, from what I see it, if you are expecting the "management company" to pro actively search for any potential exploits it maybe hard because a lot of company do a "Reactive" management.

    Maybe what you can do is, once in two weeks, you can manually open a support ticket and request them to do a security check on the vps for you.

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    Just for clearification, has set plans, which you cannot get 128MB of RAM at $20/mo - I think Douglas was speaking in reference to

    Additionally, edu4vision is correct. It would be better to submit a ticket when you would like a scan done, however it would not be nessessary to hire another management company as we can generally setup a schedule to do a scan and give a report of everything that has been found, or if everything looks to be OK.
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