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    Add Secondary IDE channel?

    I have a Cobalt Raq2 with one IDE header.
    I would like to install another IDE header. I have a couple of junk motherboards that I can rob parts off of.
    I've already installed the 40 pin header, however, I do not know what value resistors I need and where they need to be installed. Can anyone help me?

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    Didn't know you could upgrade the Raq2. On the Raq3 and 4, nothing is required except to solder in the header.

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    I was looking on the MIPS-linux wiki Link: h ttp://w ww.linux-mips.o rg/wiki/Cobalt

    They had a picture of a raq2 with the second IDE header installed. The guy that did it is oriental, and I don't know how to contact him..

    Link: h ttp://w ww.linux-mips.o rg/wiki/Image:Raq2.jpg

    This proves it _can_ be done, however, there are some specifices that need to be discussed before I'm gonna jump into it.

    (sorry for the link hacking, I don't have 5 posts yet.)

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    Actually I don't see 2 ide cables going into headers so I'm not sure this is a working example... is there a reason you can't just make the drives master/slave ?

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