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    How reliable/unreliable has Xo been for you

    Lot's of posts on CS and all.....but just short of the circuit working or not.....for the pricepoint on some of XO offerings, they are hard to beat.

    I am thinking about possibly getting a Flex T from XO.

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    They may be hard to beat on price, but very easy to beat on service.
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    ** HORRID **
    We moved all of the DS3s off of XO circuits to other carriers.
    They sub'd out the NOC; who decided that it was OK for a circuit to go into alarm for an hour before investigating. Thats right, your DS3 could be down for an hour before they would look into it. And then their first questions were along the lines of whether your equipment was powered up, etc.

    It has been said too many times on this board about XO -- you get what you pay for.

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