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    What telco/data BW do you have at *your* office

    I'm looking to consolidate costs and just going through a couple of options

    SIP trunking with FX ports that go back into the pbx
    XO Flex T circuit (rates are generally dirt cheap and somewhat reliable from what I have seen)
    etc, etc

    Still reasearching options....

    Just curious - how are you guys handeling telco/data lines coming into your *office*.

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    BellSouth 512 / 6Mbps DSL + Charter 1.0/10.0Mbps

    Used to have 3 x T1's bonded back "in the day" before 4.5 Mbps was too little for hosting, so we had to move to colo where we could get 100 Mbps Ethernet.

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