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    Need a Host from India who can offer Dedicated Server

    Hi, I am looking for a Host from India who can offer a high end Dedicated Server for my needs.Being an Indian myself, I can pay through local bank (ICICI) or any other bank of your choice. I can also pay through other channels if you want.

    I don't have a credit card so can not pay to foreign hosts though till not I am managing from friends CC but if I can get a good host from India than that will be really NICE


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    1000 Gb bandwidth in India will cost you a lot. Why do you want a host in India? Incase you are already decided, here are a few companies worth having a look at:

    There are other datacenters as well. Will be good if you specify your exact requirements & budget as well.

    Again, do not expect cheap hosting in Indian datacenter.

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