EIRCA's new brand, Sanfire, is proud to introduce our H-Sphere cluster setups for immediate public availability.

Built around industry standard-breaking hardware and software, our dedicated server solutions offer a wide range of options, for you to empower your business. Teamed with our renowned support and experience, our solutions give you complete control and are based on a month-to-month contract, backed with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee!

Our H-Sphere dedicated cluster solutions are tailored for customers seeking a flexible, stable and secure hosting solution, at an affordable price.

Additionally, our H-Sphere partner service is also now publicly available after two years of being privately offered.

Example configuration:
H-Sphere starter cluster

  • Two server cluster
  • Dual core Intel® Pentium D ® 2.4 Ghz processors
  • 1024MB RAM per server
  • CentOS Linux 4.x and Windows Server 2003
  • Choice of OS on server two
  • 250GB SATA HDD (per server)
  • RAID upgrade available
  • Complete H-Sphere management
  • 2200GB total transfer
  • 99.9% SLA Guarantee
  • 11 usable IP addresses
  • Starting at $679 per month
Per-Server Specifications

  • Dual core Intel® Pentium D ® 2.4 Ghz processor
  • 1GB RAM (upgradable)
  • 250GB HDD
  • 2200GB Bandwidth for cluster
2 Server Configurations to choose from

  • CONFIG 1
    CP, Databases, DNS1 (Linux) - SERVER 1
    Web, Mail, DNS2 (Linux) - SERVER 2
  • CONFIG 2
    CP, MySQL, DNS1, Web, Mail, DNS2 (Linux) - SERVER 1
    Web (Windows) MSSQL, Coldfusion (paid Upgrades) - SERVER 2
Technical Support Features

  • 1 hour optional setup walkthrough (Provided by our H-Sphere specialists)
  • Trouble Ticket Support for server client
Licenses & IP’s

  • 100 Hsphere User Licenses
  • 11 IP Addresses
Server Management

  • Server reboots
  • Server monitoring
  • Server upgrade/addon consultation
  • Securing cabling to connections
  • Observing, describing or reporting on indicator lights or display information on machines or consoles
  • Primary and Secondary DNS setup
  • General maintenance
  • General support consultation
Server Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis of hardware failure
  • Diagnosis of software corruption or failure
Additional Configurations / Services Available

  • Additional Bandwidth: $199.00 monthly per 1000GB or $2.00 per GB
  • 1GB Ram: $60.00 monthly
  • System Admin: $80.00 Per Hour
  • MSSQL 2000: $85.00 monthly (Windows only)
  • Cold Fusion MX: $100.00 monthly (Windows only)
Setup for future cluster expansion

Our two server setups are setup to allow easy upgrade/expansion in future, to a fully clustered environment. Each service is set up on its own IP address, which allows us to quickly and efficiently expand your two server environment in to a fully clustered one. A clustered environment is one that has each service seperated.

Contact us for more information or call us at (1-902) 723 0095.

Visit us on the web at http://www.sanfire.com