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    Can this run a smallish website?

    My budget isn't that high, so this looks like the best I'd be able to get for the price.

    Intel Celeron D 2.6 GHz Processer
    512MB RAM
    80GB Hard Drive (Not sure if its IDE or SATA or SCSI)
    1,000 GB transfer

    My site doesn't get that many users, but it is mostly PHP. I have a dynamic image service that generates small images, and gets ~2000 hits a day. I do run a few forums which use mySQL. This server would be running cPanel. Would this be enough for that? If its not, there is another server that I might be able to get.

    Intel Celeron D 2.8 GHz Processer
    1GB RAM
    120GB Hard Drive

    Would the better processer and extra memory help that much? I know the memory probably would, but if I could get the cheaper server, I'd rather get that and maybe upgrade later.

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    The memory will be be very useful for the mySQL queries. If you are planning on expanding, I would recommend a higher processesor.

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    2000 hits a day is not much. I handle up to 300,000 dynamic hits (Coppermine gallery) on a P4 2.4Ghz/1GB server. So if your scripts are not extremely heavy, 2000 hits on that celeron would be absolutely no problem.

    In fact...2000 hits should also fit on a VPS server, or maybe even shared webhosting

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    I have shared webhosting right now, and it runs fine. I just was thinking about moving from shared to a dedicated so I can have more control of it. Even though its shared, the server I'm on now is an Xeon with 2 dual core processors and 4 gigs of ram, so I wasn't sure if it would run on just a celeron.

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    The first Celeron listed would definetely be able to handle your web site with ease. Although, I would recommend adding an extra 512MB of ram. Ram is great, escpecially if you plan on experiencing rapid growth.
    Good luck!

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    I agree with B-Z-M
    Show your reciprocal links on your website. eReferrer

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    Xandrios, I just read your post again, and I don't think you understood me. Also I read the wrong log . The dynamic image script gets around 100,000 hits a day. That is only one subdomain of my website. My main website gets around 700 hits a day. A subdomain that hosts some files gets around 150 hits a day. A subdomain that hosts a forum gets around 20,000 hits a day. Another forum gets around 3,700 hits a day.
    I know I probably should have included this info in my first post. These are page hits by the way, not site visits.

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