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    Center page

    I got a page with lists and I want it centered on the page. I just want the whole list to be centered on the page not the individual list items. Is there away to do this without putting the list in a table?

    Also, I got another page with a table and when I <div align=Center> the table aligns center in FF but not IE. Any ideas?

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    try use html tab <center> </center> simple but it can be

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    Try placing the following in your style sheet:

    ul { margin:auto ; width:###px }

    As long as you're serving a valid doctype, IE will recognize what you're doing and act accordingly.
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    There is no reason why <div align="center"> should not work in IE. Thats strange.

    Its much better to use your stylsheet anyway though.
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    Use <center> in html and then if you just style the rest in css. for example text-align: left; for the content blocks.

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