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    Webplus 7 Embedded Video Help Please

    Hi All,

    Just uploaded a website for a friend and most of it looks and operates fine. However the embedded video I produced plays, but after it finishes and I click on the play icon to restart it, it just plays the audio without the images. In fact clicking pause or mute has the same effect. If I refresh the page then the video plays normally, but then just plays the audio when I try to play it again.

    Any ideas why this is happening and how I can rectify? Any help would be appreciated.

    ps..I can put a link to the site if this would help.


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    Sorted sort of!

    Contacted Serif re the video problem and was told nothing can be done. However I have noted that if you right click on your video and select zoom, then 50% or 100%, the play, pause, mute and volume controls work. I have now put a news ticker on the site explaining this. Seems to be the only solution. Unless of course someone out there knows differently.

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    The Final Word!

    Just like to point out that the video problem mentioned has nothing to do with the excellent Serif Webplus 7 software. Apparently it's a "media plug-in" problem.

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