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    How often should you be moved to a different server?

    I've been with the same web hosting company for the past three years. During that time they've moved us twice to new servers. The last time it happened, we had some major problems as a result. The experience was enough to make me start looking for a different web host.

    How often should a customer be expected to be moved from one server to another? And, how smoothly should the process be expected to go?

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    There is no single answer to your question because there are far too many factors involved.

    • Are you moving the site or are they?
    • Are you going to suffer any major downtime?
    • What's the reason for the move?
    • Is there any benefit to you because of the move? (IE, new programming languages)
    • Is there any loss to you because of the move? (IE, A programming language is not available on the new server)
    • Are they giving you the ability for the site to be moved at off-peak times? (IE, Offer to move at the Weekend)

    This is just a few of the questions you need to take into account.

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    Ok , the thing is you should not be worried at all after host has informed you few days in advance and an ETA on move, and as long as the move goes nice and smooth cause ever host expands and need to move around from server to server if needed. I have myself moved like 4 times with 0 downtime for client sites and all the clients i had initially are still with me, its just a matter of how well a host executes the moving plan.

    SO all those looking for hosting out there dont be alaramed by how many times a host has moved, but be concerned only about how well they can manage the same.

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    every two years is good.... It should be smooth, sometimes you may experience some bumps but that is sometime expected, this is why you should be able to test it on the new server and then make the move off your peak time
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    If you don't want to be moved, you can try asking them. However, they must be moving you to a better server.

    Did you ask them the reason for the move?

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    I used to move people every 1.5-2.5 years. Sometimes a little faster. Of course I was leasing my machines so I would expect people with colocation to run a 2-4 rotation schedule to maximize their ROI .
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