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    Is anyone else using these guys? I have just registered a few domains through them and their interface is pretty awesome and registrations are quick.

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    it seems good.
    review it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnugnu
    it seems good.
    review it..

    I haven't been using them enough to review them.

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    I've had a problem getting info from their whois lookup.

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    They are resellers of whom?
    Respect My Authoritah! - Eric Cartman (a friend of mine).

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    is ICANN Accredited Registrars

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    4,377 is a wholly owned Canadian company, operated entirely from its offices in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. is a subsidiary of, a highly successful Internet company that has been responsible for such companies as,,, and
    Under 10 domains: 1 year =$8.25 (.com)
    100 domains: 1 year=$7.51 (.com)

    The $5.68 price on their front page is for over 100 .nets at 10 years each.

    Phone support 7am-10pm Monday-Friday. They auto response to email questions with an incident # and text saying to expect an answer in 24 hours. No PayPal option.

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