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    Experienced Reseller needs some advice

    I have a very successful reselling business and love my current hosting company. I started on a few more advanced projects requiring Postgres and Tomcat support. My current host who provides excellent customer service honestly admitted these were riskier toolsets for "them" to support. They take the attitude "we do what we do well". I respect that.

    So I have been through 2 hosts who both handle Private Tomcat/Postgres on a shared Unix box with Cpanel/WHM. They allowed SSH access and even had the required 3rd party monitoring for uptime that a client required. So why did I have to move?

    Same story as most others that I have read about here...customer service (knowledge and speed) along with uptime results. (and yes I submitted a request to already).

    So how could I better evaluate a potential host? I really feel like I have worked on this tirelessly and the hours are really piling up.


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    I know that I have 1 post, but I have spent time lurking and reading threads here.

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    Try submitting a sales/support ticket and see their response time. Once you find a host, search through WHT or google and see if there have been any -/+ve comments about it.

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    Thanks rois - I have been submitting tickets asking them little questions about the ver. of different software that my clients want to see. But that is an excellent suggestion. I fear I am running low on companies that offer the combination of tools I am looking for in a managed/shared environment. I see it as a funnel....

    Many offer Cpanel/WHM
    of those some offer SSH
    of those a few offer Postgres
    of those a handful offer Private Tomcat.

    I have been using Google and Hosting specific sites to research this. I thought maybe there is another (better) way to do it.

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    You're welcome

    You tried

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