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    Some kind of mail worm...

    ... is driving me nuts. Windows XP, Outlook 2000. Run Adaware, virus scanners, no result says everything clean. But I'm getting more and more "mail delivery failure" message in my inbox and my Spam count has quadrupled.

    Any ideas of how to identify and rid myself of this pest?

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    try discarding mails to non-existing email accounts and check the same.

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    Have you checked the headers of the bounced e-mails?

    I've been getting a few dozen bounced e-mails per day to a random username at one of my domain names, but the headers all show that the 'from' address is spoofed and they are actually being sent from another server ( but since the return address purports to be my domain, the bounce messages come to my catch-all box.

    Unfortunately, there is little, or nothing that can be done about spoofed addresses.

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    You cannot eliminate spam mails completely though you can set some filters that not to reach the delivery failures messages to your mailbox.

    Please provide the mailheader's..
    Live Your DreamZ

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    Thanks guys. It turns out that these probably didn't originate from my machine as suggested. Many of them have attachements that a spam for viagra or hot new penny stocks I added a few Rules for now, will endeavor to get them dumped at the server level when I have more time.

    Thanks again.

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