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    Amazon to Sell Xbox 360 for $100

    Story Here

    Rumor has it that Amazon will soon be selling an Xbox 360 bundle for $100. This would be a significant markdown, as the regular Core System goes for $299.99, while the Premium Package goes for $399.99.

    The holiday promotion package is said to include the Xbox 360 Core System and possibly other accessories. Perhaps Amazon will be pairing Core Systems with 20GB hard drives in order to make room for the new 70GB unit about to drop.
    Unfortunately, specific details are sparse at this point, but expect to hear something in the coming days. Keep your browser tuned here and we’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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    I can feel my mouth watering already...anyone else?
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    Even with the PS3 and Wii out in coming weeks, there is no way MS would ever discount the console that much, they would have to lose a pretty big chunk on each console, and why would Amazon agree to getting a much smaller cut. I'm sure their Holiday says are huge enough anyway.

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    Aren't the 360's getting revised slightly with new cpu's to improve the heat problems?

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    $100, that's a bargin! I'd definitly buy one at that price How can they afford to do that though?

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