Once again we are having a sale on Devlounge site ads. Our ads reach overs 800 unique visitors a day, and are highly effective.

Advertising Options:

Homepage Ads -
Our homepage ads are fixed ads appearing on our homepage & extras page. These ads are fixed - not rotated. Being fixed ads, they are the most direct and far reaching of any Devlounge advertising option because they are visible on the homepage, but built right into the design. A great way to advertise an upcoming event, contest, site opening, etc. Please contact us directly for current prices and availability. Please note, these are only available in weekly and one month blocks. Starting price per week is $40.

Sitewide Ads -
Our sitewide sidebar ads can bring the traffic into your site. Averaging a CTR of between 1.5 - 2.5%, your ads perform to their highest ability. We keep the ad ratio on the site wide ad rotation low (3 inhouse ads, 6 ads for purchase), and the same ad is never shown on the same page more than one. Site wide ads seen on the homepage are also shown on the sides of all posts in pages. Banner size is 220px x 60px. Starting at $30/month or $350/year.

Textlinkads / RSS Ads -
An alternative option for those looking to advertise but donít want to purchase a banner ads. Textlinkads also show up on every page and post. For the lastest prices and to order, visit our tla center.


More information and stats can be obtained from our advertising page: